Sunday, November 30, 2008

Release Dates

The latest report is that the 10G Kuro's will be released in November 2009. This will represent an 18 month development cycle from the previous Kuro 9G release. The 8G to 9G product update had a much shorter 6 month development cycle. Speculation for the extra development time is due to the transition to Panasonic glass.

If the arrival of the Kuro 9G is any indication then street prices of the previous generation are not expected to drop much when the 10G arrives. Demo models of the 9G will be heavily discounted of course but new stock will have had its inventory levels reduced in the run up to and anticipation of the new Kuro 10G model. So unless you must have the absolute blacks of the Extreme Contrast Concept then now is a perfect time to buy a Pioneer Kuro 9G plasma HDTV and enjoy it for a whole year before the 10G arrives.

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