Tuesday, January 27, 2009

code name: Fuga

Fuga is the code name of Pioneer’s next generation PureDrive 3HD picture processing silicon that is expected to be in the 10G Kuro's. PureDrive does all of the analog and digital video processing in a Kuro display. A prototype circuit board attached to a 9G Kuro was used to demonstrate the new Fuga technology.

Fuga features:
  • Enhanced Gradients
  • Improved Color Saturation
  • Smoother PureCinema algorithm
  • Depth of Field

Enhanced Gradients
Enhance the contrast gradients of low quality and non-HD signals. Smooth the image with the goal of improving detail. It is unknown if this improvement involves the current pixel dithering done with the plasma panel since it was said that high quality signals pass through this new feature untouched.

Improved Color Saturation
Extract more detail and create a 3D color depth by intelligently improving color saturation. The color space and the range of black levels are not changed. Sort of like the Optimum AV mode but only for color and tint.

Smoother PureCinema algorithm
The PureCinema algorithm controls de-interlacing, 3:2 pulldown, interpolation smoothing, and 24p film mode. This new feature improves the Smooth PureCinema algorithm that interpolates the in-between images. Motion judder is improved, even with 1080p24 signals. The PureCinema smooth option is currently not available on 9G Kuro's with 1080p signal sources. These increased DSP calculations are possible because the Fuga processor has more vector analysis capability.

Depth of Field
Real-time ability to change a video image's depth of field. Focus or defocus the background and foreground elements. Very powerful. How or why this will be used is unknown.


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