Friday, February 6, 2009

Pioneer to end TV production

The Japanese newspaper Nikkei is reporting that Pioneer is going to exit the HDTV and DVD business. If this is true then it will leave Pioneer mainly as a Car Audio and Pro DJ company. This is sad news for all Kuro fans as this looks like there won't be a Pioneer Kuro 10G.

CES 2009 was a precursor of bad things ahead. Pioneer's presence at this years CES was weak compared to last years when it showed off the amazing Extreme Contrast Concept. Some thought that Pioneer was just being tight lipped about the ECC so that it wouldn't hurt 9G sales.

Several production plants will be shut down or idled. A couple thousand employees are expected to lose their jobs. What will happen to inventories, warranties, technological breakthroughs, and patents is unknown. More information will be revealed on February 12th when Pioneer releases it's earnings report.

news clip:
Pioneer To End TV Production, Spin Off DVD Development
TOKYO (Nikkei)--Pioneer Corp. (6773) will pull the plug on its loss-ridden television business and shift its DVD player operations to a new venture with Sharp Corp. (6753) in a sweeping overhaul, The Nikkei learned Friday.

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daikide said...

So shocking... The damn Pio was and is the best... :(

I just hope that Panasonic will carry on the legacy! (They also need to get rid of their ridiculous aluminum front design on their Plasmas)

PANA -> LOOK--->

NOT this->


I hope someday Pio will be back... in OLED BABY!